Amendment No.1   1999

Amendment No.2   2003

Amendment No.3   2011




1. The name of the Association is “Telecommunications Association of Thailand Under the Royal 

    Patronage“ with the abbreviation “TCT”.

2. The head office of the Association is located at 40/54 Soi Inthamara 8, Suthisanvinijchai

    Road, Samsaennai, Phayathai, Bangkok 10400.

3. The symbol of the Association is a figure made of three English characters: T, C and T.





4. The Association is a professional association in the field of telecommunications for the benefit

    of telecommunications users and other related activities.

5. The objectives of the Association for taking actions in the telecommunications business by                    

    Telecommunications functions of the Association include any other businesses concerning

    radio and television broadcasting and information technology as follows:

  1.  Performing official duties under the relevant laws in the telecommunications field;
  2.  Promoting, supporting and developing personnel in the telecommunications profession

       and development of the telecommunications resources of the country;

  1.  Study, analysis and research of standards, systems, and elements enterprise

       governance laws and regulations concerning telecommunications for the benefit of the

       public and the country;

         (4)  Spreading knowledge oftelecommunications;

  1.  Following trends of progress;

         (6)  Collection of textbooks, information and documents about telecommunications;

         (7)  Preparing and disseminating publications about telecommunications;

         (8) Training and education in telecommunications for the members and concerned persons     

                to enhance the professional level in telecommunication;

         (9)  Recognition of the members who make outstanding contributions to the state and the

               public in the telecommunications field both directly and indirectly;

        (10) Arranging other appropriate activities to achieve the objectives as established by the  


6. The Association will not be involved in any activities which are concerned with politics,

    gambling, profit-making, or which degrade the morals, traditions or culture of the nation.




7. Membership in the Association is divided into three categories: Corporate members, Life  

    members, and Annual members, which must meet the following requirements:

          (1) Corporate members include corporate units working in the telecommunications


         (2)Life members include adult persons working in telecommunications or related activities  

               and pay for Life Membership; 

          (3) Annual Members include individuals who qualify under Article 7 (2) and pay an  

                annual membership fee.

8. Those wishing to apply for membership should submit an application as provided by the  

    Association. This must include 2 persons who are Life Members or 1 Corporate Member as

    sponsors and be submitted to the Secretary general of the Association, for submission to the  

    Executive Committee for their consideration.

9. The Executive Committee has the authority to not accept any candidate to become a member.




10. Members have the following rights:

(1) To use the facilities provided by the Association with equality;

  1. To join in the activities of the Association;
  2. To propose suggestions on the operation of the Association to the Executive Committee;
  3. To receive welfare benefits from the Association, if any;

   (6) To elect members of the Executive Committee;

   (7) Life Members only are eligible to nominate candidates for election or to be nominated  

         for the Executive Committee;

  1. With a share of not less than 100 votes or votes of more than 1 / 3 of those voting, to be allowed to request the Executive Committee to review documents andasset accounts of the Association or to arrange an Extraordinary General




  1. A member has the following duties:

 (1)  To follow the rules and regulations of the Association strictly;

          (2)  To pay membership fees with voting rights under Article 29 as follows:

   -  Corporate members pay an annual fee of 20,000 Baht per year as a minimum for 1 unit of membership (and are able to have more than one unit of membership);

- Life Members pay 2,000 Baht on one time;  

- Annual Members pay 200 Baht per year;

   How to pay membership fees are described in the regulations of the Association.

  1. To cooperate, support and participate in the and the Association;
  2. To notify the Secretary General in writing immediately with details of any changes concerning the Association which differ from those reported by any members of the Association.
  3. The Executive Committee has the right to set new rates of membership fees which will be effective upon approval by the Annual General Meeting. And these rates will apply to new members as the date of




  1. Membership will be terminated when any
    1. Death;
    2. Submission of resignation in writing;
    3. Being liquidated by law or being imprisoned for a crime, except minor crime or crime from carelessness;
    4. At the end of the period required to pay membership fees and a member fails to pay the membership fee;
    5. The Executive Committeer the general meeting makes a resolution of the issue under article 14
    6. The Executive Committee is authorized t members who do not have appropriate behavior as members to be terminated by resolution the Executive Committee with at least 2 / 3 vote Committee.
    7. Members whose membership fees remain Association give them notice to pay within 30 days of receiving notice by mail, with have their membership terminated immediately.




  1. The termination membership in accordance with Article 13 (2) - (5) may return again to be a member as defined in article 8.
  2. A person whose membership is terminated in accordance with Article 14 can request to be reinstated as a member with a request by 1 Life Member presented with 10 more life members supporting them. The Executive Committee can then reinstate that member by a vote of 2 / 3 of their total votes.
  3. A person whose membership is terminated in accordance with Article 15 may become a member again, but must first pay membership fees outstanding to the Association and must comply according to Article 8.




  1. The Executive Committee may invite distinguished persons to take the following honorary positions: Royal Patron, Honorary President, and Honorary Advisers for the honor of the Association by having unanimous approval of the Executive Committee Board and approval of the General Meeting. And the persons who are former presidents of the Association will also take the honorary position, unless one has their membership terminated as in Article 6.



  1. There shall be an "Executive Committee" consisting of Life members elected by the Annual General Meeting, the amount being not less than 15 and not more than 30 members who shall be responsible for management of the association.

The Executive Committee shall form an Election Committee comprising 5 Life members

      and these members cannot be elected to the Executive Committee and shall have no vested  

      interest in the election.

Rules and Procedures of electing the members of the Executive Committee shall be

according to the election procedures of the Association.
                  Any person who is a Life member and wishes to nominate someone for election to the Executive Committee can propose the name to the Election Committee 15 days before the election.

  1. The Executive Committee may select the Executive Committee to be President the Association by voting. If the poll of the votes is equal for 2 persons, a new voting shall be held between those who had an equal number of votes. If the number of votes is the same again, the decision of election shall be made by choosing lots. Directors not present at the meeting to elect the President are entitled to be elected to be President if there is letter of confirmation that the person consents to be elected President.

The President of the Association has the right to appoint members of the Executive Committee to be Vice President, Secretary General, Treasurer, Public Relations Person, and other positions deemed appropriate.

      In the event that the President resigns or ends his position before the end of his term, then the remaining members of the Executive Committee shall select a new President using the methods mentioned above in the first paragraph.

            The Executive Committee with a vote of 3 in 4 may choose to remove the President.

  1. Members of the Executive Committee hold their appointed for a term of two years and outgoing members may be elected again. Members who hold executive positions can serve in the same position for no more than 2 consecutive terms.ฟังอ่านออกเสียง

23. A member of the Executive Committee must have the following qualifications:

  1. Having life membership;
  2. Not being an officer or paid employee of the Association;

(3) Not being a bankrupt person;

(4) Not being an incompetent person or virtually incompetent person;

(5) Not having any communicable social diseases.

24. The membership on the Executive Committee can be terminated by:

  1. Completing the two-year term;
  2. Resigning in writing and being approved by the Executive Committee;
  3. Being disqualified in accordance with Article 23 or terminated in membership in accordance with Articles13;
    1. By a resolution of the General Meeting requiring resignation from the position.

25. The Executive Committee shall meet at least 1 time in every 2 months with the President of

      the Association as chairman of the meeting.

If necessary, not less than 3 members of the Executive Committee together may sign an invitation to a meeting.

If the President of the Association is not available, a Vice President may act on his behalf. If the President and Vice President are not available at a meeting, the members of the Executive Committee at the meeting may elect one of the members to act as Chairman of the meeting.

     At a meeting of the Executive Committee, when less than half of all its members are present, there is no quorum.

At a meeting of the Executive Committee, a resolution by the meeting requires a majority of votes to be effective. Each Executive Director has one voting point. In case of a tie, the Chairman has the right to vote to settle the tie.

In the same way, Honorary Presidents shall be invited to join the Executive Committee meeting every time, but with no voting rights.

Any member of the Executive Committeemay appoint a person to represent him/her at meetings of the Executive Committee by issuing a letter of authorization.

26. The Executive Committee has the following duties:

  1. To regulate the operation of the Association;
  2. To administer in accordance with the rules or regulations of the Association;
  3. To administer in accordance with the
  4. To appoint and remove advisors Committee; while advisors have no right to vote in meetings ;
  5. To appoint and remove members of committees, sub-committees or working groups in various fields as they decide to be suitable;
  6. To appoint and remove officials for Association in good




27. The General Meeting has 2 types, namely:

  1. The Annual General Meeting which will be held within March of every hen it is not possible to arrange the Annual General Meeting within March then the time can be extended a further 90 days.
  2. An Extraordinary General Meeting will be held when the Executive Committee

                  considers it necessary or when members request it in writing in accordance                         with Article 10 (8).

(3) The General Meeting must be announced to the members at least 7 days in


(4) Ordinary members may attend the meeting and cast their votes themselves.

      Corporate members can appoint their representative to attend a meeting and vote for

                  them as proxy with a power of attorney letter.

28. A General Meeting, whether an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting,  

must have a minimum of one-fifth of the total number of members or not less than 50  members attending to qualify as a quorum. Among the members attending the meeting, not less than 30 must be ordinary members to qualify as a quorum. 

29. A Motion of the General Meeting will be decided if the voting members approve by more  

than half of the votes of the participating members except in a case which iscovered by other regulations. However, when the number of members that endorse a motion is exactly one-half of the members in the meeting, then the Chairman of the meeting can decide the voting. Members have the rights to vote as follows:

            (1) Corporate members pay for the right to vote as 2 votes for each of their membership  

                   units, but not more than total 20 votes;

            (2)  Life members have 1 vote;
            (3)  Annual members have 1 vote.

30. The General Meeting should have an agenda including the following items:

            (1) Approval of the minutes of the previous General Meeting;

(2) Acknowledgment of the annual report which tells of the results of the Association’s   

      operations during the preceding year;

  1. Acknowledgment of the annual financial statement;
    1. Election of the Executive Committee;
    2. Appointment of an auditor and his compensation.




  1. Cash money of the Association, if any, has to be deposited in banks or in promissory notes of governmental finance companies, state securities, debentures and various, All will be done in accordance with the rules and procedures specified by the Executive Committee. In order to pay by check or money orders, the President or Vice-President or a Board member authorized by the Executive Committee shall be authorized in conjunction with the Treasurer or an Acting Treasurer.

All payments have to be made in accordance with the regulations and decision of

the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee may make a procedure for officers of the Association to administer the expenses of the Association within an approved budget.

  1. The Treasurer is responsible for all financial affairs and proper accounting procedures as well as for properties of the Association and all other accounting documents which need to be shown to the auditor. The Treasurer may keep cash on hand not more than an amount specified by the Executive Committee and approved by the Annual General Meeting.
    1. Signing of documents for legal commitments on behalf of the Association is effective when made by the President or by the Vice-President or by two other members of the Executive Committee  who have been authorized by the Executive Committee.
    2. The Executive Committee shall make a financial statement once a year and deliver it to the Auditor before the end of the month of January in order to submit it to the Annual General Meeting.
    3. The 31st of December is the last day of the fiscal year of the Association.
    4. The Executive Committee shall send a copy of the annual financial statement, which the Auditor has audited, with a report of the activities of the Association in the preceding year to the members of the Association at least 15 days before the Annual General Meeting.
    5. The auditor has authority to examine accounts and all documents related to financial matters of the Association, and is authorized to make inquiries about financial matters with members of the Board and officials of the Association.



  1. The contents of this Charter can be changed or enlarged only with the approval by voting of two-thirds of the members attending the General Meeting. The meeting must be announced to the members at least 7 days in advance.
  2. The Association may be closed down by any one of the following actions:
    1. The General Meeting decides with three-quarters of the votes to close down the Association;
    2. The Association is liquidated;
    3. The court orders it to be closed  down;
    4. The Registrar of the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority deletes the registration of the Association.

      If the Association is terminated, all of its properties must be donated to the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology.




  1. When the Registrar of the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority has accepted the registration of the Association, the members of the founding committee will function as the temporary Executive Committee until the election of the Executive Committee in accordance with this Charter, which must be elected within 180 days after the registration of the Association.
  2. This Charter will be effective on the day of registration with the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority.
  3. In case there is any uncertainty about the meaning articles in this Charter of the Association, the interpretation shall be defined by the President of the Association.


Edited on April 7, 2011
(as approved by the Annual General Meeting of 2009 held on April 29, 2010).